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5 Funny Reasons Exotic Cars Could Get You Fired

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There is a running joke making its way around the Internet that there are three lines that can get you through any job for at least a little while. Those three lines are, “It was like that when I got here,” “Cover for me, will you?” and “Great idea, boss.” Amusing as that may be, the fact is that work is a political environment as much as it is anything. Whenever human beings gather together towards group endeavors, they necessarily interact, producing sometimes unexpected consequences. This is a very complicated way of saying that sometimes people in the workplace don’t always get along, and this friction is even more obvious when it comes to employees and their bosses.

It seems like there are more ways to get fired these days than ever before, if only because the proliferation of social media has made it possible to do silly things you’d never think of doing before the era of Facebook. For example, a young lady was fired before she even started a new job. She posted online about how stupid she thought the job would be, and her new boss, who had only recently told her she was hired, rescinded the offer (right there on social media, in fact). But as much as we might chuckle over little missteps like these, it’s a fact that one way to get fired from your job is… well, you guessed it: Driving an exotic car. But the reasons driving an exotic car could get you fired aren’t what you think. Sure, if you start parking your new pride and joy in your boss’ parking spot, that could cause you problems, and if you take two-hour lunches to wash and wax your new pride and joy, that won’t go over well either. But it turns out there are other reasons driving an exotic car could get you fired.

1. You’ll never be late… except that you will

Driving an exotic car means you’re always in command of power and luxury. Most of our exotic cars are simply stunners in the performance department. The growl of their powerful, tuned engines, the feel of their suspensions, the throaty howl of the machine in which you are riding as it carries you down the road and through the turns… these are all things you’ll come to enjoy and to take for granted behind the wheel of your Vanity Exotics rental. If you’ve rented, say, a Lamborghini Gallardo, it’s going to be hard to explain to your employer why you’re late to work. This is an Italian supercar that can blow the doors off anything on the road, so getting to work in a timely fashion should be a cinch. And yet…

The fact is, an exotic car offers you what for many people is a unique experience. Most of us remember what it was like to drive a car for the first time, and most of us went out of the way looking for excuses to drive when we were new to it. Driving was a novel experience for us then, enjoyable for its own sake. Most of us have long forgotten what that was like… but your young adulthood comes rushing back when you’re behind the wheel of an exotic car rental. You’ll have so much fun driving your exotic car that you’ll find excuses to take the long way to work and back home again. Your car may just be so much fun that you can’t manage to get to work in time once you’re behind the wheel for your morning commute.

2. It never pays to show up the boss

Everybody knows the old game about playing sports with the boss. It doesn’t matter if you’re better at golf or baseball or whatever sport the two of you happen to be playing. He’ll pretend it doesn’t bother him if you beat him, but we all know how he really feels about it. Well, if losing a company softball game to your opposing team gives your boss heartburn, how do you think he’ll feel when he pulls into his company parking space in his perfectly ordinary automobile… and you roll up in your exotic car rental, which puts his ride to shame? When you drive an exotic car, you have no choice but to show up everyone around you. There just is no comparison between one of our exotic rides and most people’s day to day vehicles.

3. When you get a taste of the finer things, you’ll want more

Choosing luxury, performance, and power is one of those lifestyle choices that tends to be self-fulfilling. When you’ve had a taste of the incredible experience that is driving one of our exotic rental cars, you’ll always want more. It’s very easy to make the leap from an ordinary motor car to an exotic rental, but it’s not so easy to give up the keys when you’ve felt the raw power of a Lamborghini, driven the stylish elegance of an Aston Martin, or enjoyed the versatile speed and utility of a Range Rover. Making the choice to drive in style will force you to rethink what is important to you… and once you do, you’ll start to reconsider everything. A life of style and luxury will be the life you want for yourself, and you just may decide that it’s time to take the risks that will get you there.

4. Nobody gets rich working for others

It’s a fact that few people get rich working for others. True wealth comes from working for yourself, from working not to enrich an employer but to make yourself more wealthy. This attitude is fostered by driving an exotic rental car, but surrounding yourself with the tools and trappings of a dynamic and elegant life. This attitude may just give your employer pause… and for good reason!

5. Commanding an exotic car is like commanding your life

There’s actually very little funny about driving an exotic car… but you may find it funny just how easily you make the switch. Your boss won’t be happy about it, but what he wants pales compared the life that could await you. Don’t delay. Take the keys now… and start down the road toward the life you deserve.


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