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Exotic Bentley Continental GT –  Book Now (800) 277-3599

The Bentley continental GT is one of the fastest super sports cars with four-seat coupe & four-seat convertible in the world. This car has also acquired the title; one of the fastest car over the globe, but yet it remains above all, a luxury car. The automobile industry has passed through many stages & in thirteen years scarcely a part, panel or aerodynamic structure that hasn’t been upgraded or renewed. As a subsidiary of Volkswagen AG, Bentley completed its 13-year journey with 12-cylinder, all-wheel-drive with Continental GT. This British car holding sundry of records “24 hours of Le Mans” in 1924, 1927, 1928, 1929, 1930 and 2003. This fleet is sold over the globe via franchised dealer and till the end of November 2012, China was the largest market of Bentley Continental GT.

At Vanity Exotics Sports Car Rental Company

Are you in Los Angeles and looking for a swift and elegant way of enjoying your ride? Majestic Bentley Continental GT is the ride that can fulfill all your wishes. If you hire this fleet you can transport up to five members simultaneously this car offer you an affordable way of living the luxury life. Just pay for Bentley continental rental and tank of fuel, you can drive through the street of LA and California playing your favorite music or just drive out into the countryside for relaxing. If you feel the car is too expensive to drive, you can hand it back to the rental company. Rent a Bentley Continental GT Sports Car. Hire your favorite car at Vanity Exotics. 

There are several of option offered by car rental companies hiring the car is not just limited up to holidays, if you are on business trip or want to receive your potential client in a luxurious way with an impression Bentley Continental GT can give you all that. This super car is good enough to impress anyone and yes, of course, we also provide insurance because just touching the accelerator can result into a boost of speed that you might not be expecting. The mixed slippery roads and lacks of experience could end up in a serious crash. However, everybody dreams of driving GT continental and vanity exotics car rental can fulfill your dream. Apart from Bentley, we have outstanding & luxurious fleets and our exotic cars can give an unforgettable driving experience. Call us or visit at Vanity Exotics, advance booking can also be done via online car reservation. 

Bentley Continental GT Car Rental Price

Weekday Price$1,099/Day* (3-Day Minimum Rental Required)
Weekend Price$1,199/Day* (2-Day Minimum Rental Required)
Weekly Price$7,299/Week*

*Price includes tax


-Delivery to your location
-Within 15 Miles- $100 drop-off, $100 pick-up
-Over 15 Miles- $125 drop-off, $125 pick-up
-Over 35 Miles- $150 drop-off, $150 pick-up


-25 years of age or older
-Current and valid US or International driver’s license
-Full coverage automobile insurance including liability, comprehensive, and collision coverage
-$5,000 security deposit via credit card authorization hold on day of rental


The Bentley Continental GT stands as a true testament to luxury exotic vehicles. With 500 horsepower, this beauty not only looks sexy but drives like an exhilarating sports car should. This two-toned blue and silver combination makes the already flashy luxury car even more exotic. If you don’t like attention from bystanders and other drivers on the road then this probably isn’t the car for you. There’s no doubt that you’ll be getting a lot of amazing attention while you cruise down the boulevard in this gorgeous Bentley, but that’s just the icing on the cake. The luxurious interior offers plush upholstery and amenities suited for royalty, which is exactly how you will feel when you drive this beautiful luxury driving machine.

Details & Pricing

  • $1099.00 Per Day
  • Body Type: Luxury
  • Additional Mileage: $4.00
  • 60 Miles/Day Included
  • Fuel Type: Gas
  • Ext color: Blue/Silver


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