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Why We Love Mercedes AMG (And You Should, Too!)

Mercedes Benz SLS AMG

Oh, the Mercedes AMG. Is there a better car? Well, that’s not fair. There are lots of great cars out there, although there aren’t many cars that match the unique blend of style, luxury, and power of the Mercedes AMG. The very first Mercedes ever made were race cars. Every Mercedes AMG that rolls off the assembly line are part of an amazing and storied tradition among sports cars. The AMG GT is a great example of what we’re talking about. Only the second automobile developed entirely in-house at Mercedes, it is a front mid-engine sports car that offers lightweight aluminum construction, a transaxle, and a 4.0 liter V8 Biturbo engine. It absolutely screams, as they say, and offers near racetrack-level performance in a package that could easily become your everyday driver. That’s because the Mercedes AMG has plenty of creature comforts in a performance package that doesn’t suffer from the types of supercar impracticalities that mar some automotive experiences. (A car that can’t be backed up until you’ve climbed halfway out of the vehicle has other charms, but is arguably not as practical as an AMG GT.)

Are you ready to blow the doors off your fellow commuters? The AMG GT’s Biturbo engine responds quickly when you press the gas, generating astounding power in the lower revs. Achieve zero to 100 kph in under 4 seconds, and carry a passenger while you do it. But this two-seater has plenty of the comforts you expect from a luxury vehicle. It’s not just a sports car and not just a race car. It has a luggage compartment that offers easy access. But it’s also handmade, offering a level of fine craftsmanship that you won’t find in many other cars. When you come right down to it, this is a car that is easy to fall in love with. We are absolutely smitten with the Mercedes AMG, and we think once you take a ride in it, you will be too. Of course, there’s no getting around the fact that a Mercedes AMG commands quite a price tag… but you don’t have to buy one outright. That’s the whole point of renting an exotic car. We give you access to the finer things in life at a price that won’t break the bank. You may not be able to drive home with a Mercedes AMG tonight, but you can drive one for a weekend.

And let’s say you can afford your own Mercedes AMG. Plenty of our clients are people who could buy one of these cars, but who don’t want the upkeep and maintenance of a car like this to deal with. They have other vehicles for their daily driving, but they like to cut loose every once in a while. Renting one of our superb motor vehicles allows them to enjoy some variety, not to mention some pulse-pounding performance, without dealing with the expense or insurance of adding another vehicle to their stables. Whether you have the money for an AMG or you just want to feel what it’s like to drive one, it only makes sense to come to Vanity Exotics and get your drive on in one of our incredible Mercedes AMG models. But just want is it about the AMG that makes us love it so? We can think of a few different things. We’ve listed them here in no particular order.

We love the style. There’s really nothing that an AMG can do that another car can’t also do… except, of course, that the AMG does it faster. Still, there’s an element of style to every automotive choice that makes every vehicle unique. The style is one of those things that is kind of intangible. It’s hard to define, but you know it when you see it. There’s no denying that the AMG has style to spare, and when you are seen driving it, people are going to be impressed. It’s just that kind of vehicle.

We love luxury. Does luxury come any finer than hand-made? Every Mercedes AMG is put together with loving the attention to detail, and it shows. When you see the fine lines of this car, when you get behind the wheel, when you feel the engine growl as you put it through its paces… you will know that you’re sitting in true luxury. But luxury is not the only thing this amazing car has to offer…

We love the performance. Every Mercedes AMG has a racing pedigree. That means when you drive this car, you are going to be impressed by just how fast it gets you there. But performance is more than just speed. It also has to do with handling and road feel. Both are excellent in the AMG. You’ll blow the other drivers’ doors off, yes, but you’ll also amaze yourself with the exhilaration you feel behind the wheel of the AMG.

We love to be unique. Handmade performance comes at a price… but membership also has privileges. You won’t run into too many other people driving a Mercedes AMG, and that means this car gives you a great opportunity to make a first impression… and a second impression, and a third. Which brings us to…

We love to get attention. This is an attention-getter to be sure. The AMG is a car that can’t be ignored. When you drive it, be prepared to be seen as a rock star. There’s nothing subtle about it.

We love excitement and variety. All of the luxury vehicles here at Vanity Exotics are your ticket to a world of excitement and variety. Just come on down and get behind the wheel of one of our luxury automobiles. You will quickly become addicted to the excitement and the variety that renting a Vanity Exotics car is all about. What are you waiting for? The sooner you come in, the sooner we can get you back out on the road, where you can enjoy the luxury and the adventure that awaits. Vanity Exotics means excitement and variety… and that’s why we love the Mercedes AMG.


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