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433 N. Camden Dr. Suite #600 Beverly Hills, California 90210
(800) 277-3599
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Our customers call us with tons of enthusiasm and excitement to book the exotic cars of their dreams and that passion and excitement only continues to last throughout their entire experience with us. Below are just a few photos, stories, and quotes sent from our satisfied customers..


Jacob K., Los Angeles, CA Roberto L., London, UK
“There’s nothing more I could have asked for with the CL63 AMG. It was everything I dreamt it would be and more. It’s a luxury car on steroids.” “The Lamborghini Gallardo is a brilliant machine created by my home country, so it was very special and exciting to be able to rent such an awesome super car and at such a low rate. Thanks again!”
Simeon J., Los Angeles, California Weston P., New York, NY
“Once again, the Vanity Exotics team pulled through last minute to make sure I had a black Lamborghini Gallardo for the weekend. I’ve only driven the Gallardo from their fleet, but it’s the only car I need to drive. It’s fast, looks sweet, and is super fun to drive. I’ll definitely be back for more. Look out soon!” “I visit LA quite often from NYC as I work in the fashion industry, and that being said, the Ferrari F430 in brilliant red is a spectacular and fashionable super car that gets more attention than anything else I’ve driven on the road. Driving a Ferrari around LA for the day is like being a kid in a candy store and being able to eat as much candy as you want- in other words, it’s AWESOME! Thanks again guys!”
Frankie C., Toronto, Canada Chaz J., Wilmington, NC
“I’ve driven several different exotic rentals before, but I decided to go with Vanity Exotics this time just because their prices were so low. A bit hesitant that they were even able to offer prices so low, I took a chance and am so glad I booked with them because it definitely saved me some money, enough actually to rent for two days instead of one! I will for sure be in touch when I’m back in California next time.” “An absolute dream come true! My wife and I loved every minute of our experience renting your GT-R and it made our trip to LA so much more exciting that I’m not sure if I’ll be able to go to LA again renting a normal car. I just want to thank everyone at Vanity Exotics for doing such a wonderful job in getting us the GT-R even though I know it was somewhat last minute. Thanks a million!”


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