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Top 5 Reasons to Rent An Aston Martin Convertible

There are plenty of reasons you may not now find yourself the owner of an exotic luxury car like an Aston Martin convertible. Maybe you’re a fan of the coupe and you just can’t see driving a convertible year round in the climate where you live. Well, hey, we’ve all been there, right? But seriously, an exotic luxury car is very expensive, and there are lots of reasons you might not have chosen to buy one. After all, most of us have finite resources, and when you can pay many times as much for a perfectly functional car in order to buy a luxury exotic, there doesn’t seem to be a lot of justification for buying that Aston Martin convertible. That’s to say nothing of the insurance costs of having an Aston Martin in your driveway. Many drivers who might actually be able to afford the cost of the car itself are somewhat overwhelmed by the cost of insuring such an automobile. For these reasons and others, many people choose to rent an expensive luxury automobile rather than buy one. There are plenty of reasons you might choose to rent an Aston Martin convertible for your special occasion or, rather, there are plenty of special occasions for which an Aston Martin convertible might be perfect.

Let’s say you have a very special young lady you’re taking out on a date, and you want very much to impress her and give her a unique, memorable experience. Or perhaps you are taking your wife out for your anniversary. These are occasions when a luxury automobile like an Aston Martin convertible is perfect. Then, too, there is your birthday (or hers). Renting an Aston Martin is the perfect gift to yourself, an experience on your special day that you will remember for a long time. Or perhaps you are taking your young lady out and you intend to propose to her by the end of the night. What better way to0 take her to the restaurant or other date activity than in an Aston Martin convertible? An exotic luxury car is also a great way to impress your former classmates at a reunion, or even to spice up a road trip (assuming the mileage won’t be prohibitive).

Exotic cars are, after all, an experience of machinery. Mike Spinellie, in Jalopnik, wrote that “airing a carmaker’s hottest engine with its smallest model isn’t for the rank boulevardier. It takes someone with an overclocked adrenal gland to appreciate the effects of such a pairing: Defibrillator-like acceleration and — if the platform is willing — the multi-directional agility… That was the V12 Vantage S in a nutshell.” The reviewing site TopSpeed, by contrast, called the Vantage a visual stunner that “shouts its performance level to the world… [while most] Aston Martins are tastefully refined, but the Vantage looks like it’s the crazy relative nobody talks about.”

Interestingly, not everyone feels the same way about owning a luxury car. The Simple Dollar’s Trent Hamm writes that he fears people will assume things about him that he would rather they didn’t when he drives a luxury vehicle. “…[T]here’s a certain level of ‘prestige’ that comes from owning an driving a luxury car. People pay attention to them. I don’t want that attention. For one, I don’t want people assuming that I’m rich or that I’m important. Why would I want that? Unless I were on some sort of career path where I needed to intimidate people with my wealth – and the only kind of people intimidated are ones who can’t look past it to more important things – I have no reason to impress people with my car. As long as my car is clean, not falling apart, and functional, I’m conveying exactly what I want to convey with my car.”

But the very reasons that Hamm says he wouldn’t want a luxury automobile are actually reasons why you might find that an Aston Martin convertible is just the thing. In other words, if you want people to pay attention, if you want the prestige that come with driving such an incredible driving machine, Hamm’s objections are among the affirmations that should compel you to rent one. Hamm goes so far as to say that he would be “scared to breathe” in a luxury automobile. “A pricy car would turn me into an even more paranoid driver, making the driving experience even less enjoyable for me and potentially more dangerous for others on the road with me. Not to mention the high premiums for insuring a luxury car… I’d be left with the choice of taking beverages or snacks in the car with me on road trips. The cost of potential damage with such choices would be greater than in an ordinary car. My comfort level from day to day use would decline overall, even if the actual driving experience was better.” Yet all of those objections fall away when you rent an Aston Martin convertible, because the car is not yours to worry about once you’ve taken it out, enjoyed it, and then returned it. We present to you, therefore, the top 5 reasons to rent an Aston Martin convertible:

1. Speed: An Aston Martin convertible offers unparalleled acceleration and performance.

2. Style: An Aston Martin convertible is the pinnacle of style. Those who see you driving in one will be very impressed.

3. Image: Did we mention that those who see you driving a car like this will be impressed? They’ll also think you have excellent taste, which you do.

4. The ladies: Women love exotic luxury automobiles.

5. You only live once: Why not add this experience and cross it off your “bucket list” while you can?

For these reasons, and for plenty others, an Aston Martin convertible is just the thing for your special occasion. You don’t have to go through the headaches of buying one. You can rent one, enjoying it for your occasion and then returning it when you are finished. In this way, it’s the best of all possible worlds… and a driving experience you won’t soon forget.


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